Features & Benefits

Electronic Signature capture – Eliminates the cost associated with paper receipts and receipt retrieval; reduces chargebacks.

Least Cost Routing – Reduces the interchange cost on all eligible transactions.

Interchange optimization – Reduces the interchange cost associated on all eligible transactions and mitigates chargeback risk.

Mobile payments – Converts historical key entered transactions into card swiped transactions, reducing the interchange cost.

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment – Improves cash flow by reducing the accounts receivable aging; reduces postage cost, paper cost, equipment cost, labor cost, and printing cost.

Refund Mapping – Eliminates fraudulent refunds/credits at the point of sale.

Instant alerts – Stay on top of possibly fraudulent (suspicious) transactions at the point of sales in real time, reducing risk.

Hosted solution – Mitigates the risk of data being lost and/or compromised, alleviates the burden and related costs of PCI-DSS requirements.

Tokenization – Customer data is stored securely in our data centers and never at the merchant’s location; more efficient than paper based authorization forms, no need to ask repeat customers for payment information.

Dynamic Reporting System – Reduces cost associated with legacy reporting systems, streamlines daily back-office and bank reconciliation.

Rules-Based Processing Engine – Eliminates costly mistakes at the point of sales by removing current cashier empowerment.

Creating Efficiencies Through Payment Innovation.