Do I have to change my merchant services provider?

No. CenPOS works with all major financial networks, so you can start using CenPOS without disrupting your business.

How quickly can I start processing?

You can start processing within 24 hours.

What is Interchange Optimization?

Interchange is the fee a merchant pays per transaction. Optimization refers to processing that transaction in the most cost-effective way possible, improving the merchant’s bottom line.

Which terminals do we support?

We support the following devices:

Ingenico iSC250/350, Hypercom L5200, Hypercom L5300, Verifone MX915, and Magtek 21073062 USB Card Reader

Check Scanners
RDM EC7000/EC7000i, Epson TM-S1000, Digital Check CheXpress CX30

Mobile Device Readers
Ingenico iCMP

What processors do you support?

TSYS, First Data Nashville, First Data Canada, First Data Global Merchant Acquiring, EPX, Visa ACP, Moneris Canada, Valitor, WireCard, Chase Paymentech, Cross Check, UTA, Merchant eSolutions, Scotia Bank Caribbean, Banco Santander Mexico, PayPal and more.

Is CenPOS PCI Compliant?

Yes. CenPOS is a PCI-DSS compliant Tier I Service Provider and our data centers are secure.

Is any customer or transactional data saved on my computer?

No, CenPOS is a hosted solution, which means everything is stored in our secure data centers. CenPOS is fully PCI-DSS compliant, reducing the burden of PCI compliancy for our clients.

How long do you store receipts?

Transaction receipts are stored indefinitely on our secure data centers. This makes it easy for our customers to go back and look at all transactions for as long as they’ve been using CenPOS without having to worry about storing physical receipts.

Can I export reports?

Yes. All our reporting tools allow you to export into multiple formats.

Can I process on my mobile phone?

Yes. CenPOS has mobile apps available for Apple iOS and Android.

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