The CenPOS Dashboard reduces the cost associated with legacy reporting systems, which provide limited to no information. Users can create customized reports to help with daily back-office and bank reconciliations as well as internal and external audits.

Key benefits for your business include:

  1. Reduced cost of traditional reporting
  2. Increased operational efficiency
  3. Financial reporting transparency
  4. Streamlined end-of-day reconciliation
  5. Data mining and analytics

Business intelligence

Our Dashboard enables the user to home in on key performance indicators—such as financial transactions, employee performance, enterprise performance and efficiencies, key operational ratios, and treasury performance analytics. Dashboards bring the data to life and enable a level of analysis that can be performed by anyone, regardless of expertise, potentially yielding new insights for the business.

The Dashboard’s report writing tool allows users to create reports with the data that is most valuable and/or important to them. The CenPOS electronic delivery system delivers the reports to the end-user(s) based on a schedule of their choosing.

CenPOS Geo-location services are integrated into the dashboard, making it easy to see where your customers are coming from, thereby helping your business create targeted marketing campaigns to improve sales.