E-commerce is growing 23% year-over-year, with 51% of Americans preferring to shop online. The CenPOS E-commerce solution allows you to accept payments online easily and securely while scaling to your business needs. Your customers can register multiple payment options for future use throughout the CenPOS Network.

As more and more businesses seek to compete in the online world, leading players use systems like CenPOS to micro-manage payment information to reduce the cost of acceptance and shift risk to the card issuing bank.  These important aspects are essential in today’s hypercompetitive world where razor thin margins require intelligent payment processing in order to be successful.

Our payment portals integrate seamlessly into your website and do not require your customers to navigate to another page. You can use custom information fields to capture customer data aside from their payment information. Also, all transactions made through the payment portal are available through our reporting tools for easy reconciliation.

This solution is ideal for charitable organizations accepting donations, residential associations, bill pay, service payments, and any merchant who requires payment acceptance but does not require high-end integration with a shopping cart.

Our E-commerce solution includes the following implementations:

  1. IFrame (Payment portals)
  2. API (Integrated solutions)
  3. Hosted Shopping Cart
  4. Gateway services

Easily integrating into your website and shopping cart, consumers remain within your web store without navigating to another page. Completely secure, the system captures consumer input directly into CenPOS encrypted systems to protect your website from transmitting or storing sensitive cardholder data.  

We are integrated into the following shopping carts:

magento.png​ presto.png