emv-chipCenPOS is certified for EMV today. EMV is chip-based technology that embeds a microprocessor in a credit card. The chip stores and authenticates the cardholder data.

Starting October 1st, 2015, there is a liability shift for fraudulent card-present transactions. Today the liability sits on the backs of the card issuers (banks). After the liability shift on October 1st, 2015, if you are unable to process a chip based transaction you as a merchant bear the losses.

If the cardholder’s bank did not provide an EMV card, the bank is liable for the fraudulent transaction. If the merchant is not EMV-Certified, the merchant is liable for the fraudulent transaction. If the merchant’s payment provider is not EMV-Certified, the provider is liable for the fraudulent transaction.

CenPOS is EMV-Certified today and can help you become EMV-certified as well. If you have any questions please contact us.

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