CenPOS understands that different industries require different solutions. We study the specific payment processing needs by market, so we can customize business solutions to fit your needs. However, CenPOS recognizes that ALL industries need to get the most money per transaction while ensuring data security—and this is where our patented intelligent interchange excels.

We have made great strides in payment processing technologies, and our Interchange Management system is proof. It intelligently routes EVERY transaction to increase acceptance, reduce chargebacks, and minimize fraud.

In fact, CenPOS holds a U.S. Patent for cash management optimization of payment processing. By using merchant preferences and transaction profiles to manage the expense of payment interchange, CenPOS interchange technology streamlines every transaction for optimized payment acceptance while employing advanced risk management tools.

You deserve safe data, easy payments, happy customers, and increased per-transaction profit—it’s a smart solution.

Automotive Dealers
Manufacturing and Distribution
Equipment Rental
Business to Business
Professional Services


We understand that every dealer is different and that your individual needs can’t be met by a standard solution. We customize every payment processing solution for our automotive clients. There are thousands of dealerships nationwide that count on the speed, accuracy, and customer-facing benefits that only CenPos can deliver.

Control expenses, provide better customer service through more convenient payment options, decrease accounts receivable, and streamline the entire payment process with CenPOS.

  • Express Mobile Checkout
  • Active Delivery in-Lane
  • Accept Chip Cards
  • Validate E-Commerce Customers
  • Interchange Management
  • Process Quickly and Securely
  • Collect Signatures Electronically for Paperless Storage
  • Report Reconciliation in Minutes
  • Stand-Alone or DMS Integrated







CenPOS E-Commerce solutions let merchants get on with business. Online retailers need fast payment processing that protects them from fraud and captures valuable customer data. With CenPOS, merchants can conduct transactions quickly and securely, with local, national, or international customers. And our E-Commerce services solutions collect data that lets merchants get to know their customers so they can offer customized products and services—and promote their brand.



Equipment rental companies require customized payment solutions, because their transactions are unique. With more card-present purchases and high average invoices, they need merchant payment solutions that are quick and easy to use while also ensuring low fees. In today’s world, equipment rental companies also conduct business online, requiring secure e-commerce solutions for reservations and checkout. CenPOS delivers equipment rental companies a payment processing solution that reduces acceptance costs and drives higher approval rates for increased sales across mobile, in-person, and call center channels.

Streamline payment processing and generate added revenue with a comprehensive suite of features configured around your specific needs.




Insurance companies need to manage payments in a complex environment across hundreds, if not thousands, of agents for customers connecting across multiple channels from mobile, to call center, to in-person. They need to offer secure online payments and reliable recurring payment solutions. CenPOS has designed an Enterprise Solution that meets the needs of this high-volume, fast-paced industry.



As a B2B merchant, you need a partner that controls expenses, mitigates risk, and navigates the complexities of billing and receivables. At CenPOS, we understand the challenges facing B2B merchants today, and we provide a full complement of tools to get you paid faster, centralize your payment solutions, reduce collection activities, and lower your payment processing costs. Boost efficiency while reducing PCI scope with CenPOS. As a PCI level 1 certified provider, we ensure that your transactions are safe and your data is secure.



It’s a new world, and this is true for every professional organization, including educational institutions, law firms, and telecom providers. These professions need to offer multiple payment solutions, because payment convenience is necessary in today’s age.

With CenPOS Enterprise Solutions, all professions can accept payments of all types while reducing liability and fraud. This is vital to keep customers and clients satisfied. You aren’t in the business of financial security—but we are. Let CenPOS focus on security and payment processing, so you can get on with your valuable work.


Schools, colleges, and universities need to accept payments online, over the phone, or at the point of sale—because it’s not just tuition anymore. There are alumni donations, bookstore purchases, dining hall accounts, and many other transactions across all departments that need to be effectively managed and tracked. CenPOS education solutions make payment processing easy, while minimizing PCI burden and providing excellent financial reporting.

Law Firms

The legal process is an integral part of our democracy, and CenPOS recognizes the importance of this profession. Our solutions for law firms enable them to receive payments in a timely, efficient manner with our EBPP and Web payment solutions, using our rules-based engine to optimize interchange rates. Plus, client confidentiality is always safeguarded with our encrypted solutions.

Telecomm Providers

You have a lot of clients—and a lot of payments to process. Thankfully, our recurring billing platform and tokenization help telecom providers make payments easier and more convenient for consumers. And safer, because CenPOS solutions protect against data breaches.