Every auto dealer is different, and individual needs can’t always be met by a standard solution. That’s why we customize every CenPOS solution for our automotive clients.

Thousands of dealerships nationwide count on the commerce and payment security, flexibility and simplicity that only CenPOS can deliver.

We help dealers control expenses and provide better customer service through streamlined and more convenient payment options that decrease accounts receivable.


Express Mobile Checkout

Satisfy customers by allowing them the freedom to pay invoices via text and email to expedite their checkout process.

Active Delivery in-Lane

Give your customers an Apple-like checkout experience. Customers appreciate fast, easy, line-free service.

Accept Chip-Cards

Actively promote the use of chip cards (EMV) to shift fraud liability to the financial institution and away from your dealership.

Validate eCommerce Customers

Whether in your wholesale parts department or other channels that deal with consumers who are not present at your dealership, CenPOS provides a solution that validates the consumer, reducing chargeback risk and decreasing the cost of acceptance.

Interchange Management

Every transaction is intelligently routed to reduce your cost of acceptance. Properly qualify card-not-present, business, corporate, and purchasing cards, which can make up a bulk of fleet service and parts sales. Automatic PIN prompting converts check card transactions to PIN debit whenever it saves you money. This minimizes processing fees and exposure to chargebacks and fraud.

Process Quickly and Securely

Using military-grade encryption technologies, your data is protected throughout the transaction processing experience from the point of interaction to settlement. No sensitive data is stored on your systems nor transmitted through the DMS.

Collect Signatures Electronically for Paperless Storage

Electronically capture and store signatures and payment data for instant retrieval. Call up to print or email records at your convenience. CenPOS renders paper copies obsolete.

Report Reconciliation in Minutes

Stop wasting hours, if not days, reconciling deposits, credits, reports, and transaction details. Our report reconciliation feature takes care of it automatically, making monthly accounting reconciliation a faster and more accurate process.

Stand-Alone or Integrated

CenPOS Enterprise operates across all departments and customer channels, whether as a separate solution or integrated into popular dealership applications. Integrations include:

  • CDK Global Drive DMS – the most robust dealership management software application available worldwide

  • Bluebird and TSD Web – the most popular loaner management software applications on the market

  • SimplePart – enterprise-ready digital partner for online parts sales

  • parts.com – Parts.com® is the largest online marketplace for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts and accessories

  • ProfitNet – the leading application for managing critical information within the collision repair business