CenPOS e-commerce solutions deliver fast payment processing, comprehensive fraud protection, and secure capture of valuable customer data. With CenPOS, you can conduct transactions quickly and securely with local, national or international customers. You can also collect and analyze the data to help you build your brand, get to know your customers better, and offer them customized products and services.


Validate E-Commerce Payments

Protect yourself from lost orders and stolen merchandise. CenPOS consumer validation service authenticates buyers to reduce chargeback losses, increase approval rates, and reduce the cost of card acceptance.

Interchange Management

Every transaction is intelligently routed to reduce your cost of acceptance. Qualify purchasing cards and manage enhanced data (Level II and III) to reduce interchange expense by as much as 52%.

Integrated Shopping Carts

Give customers the speed and convenience of integrated shopping cart systems that don’t navigate them away from your website store. Expedite their checkout process with fewer keystrokes and greater ease.

Process Quickly and Securely

Using military-grade encryption technologies, your data is protected throughout the transaction processing experience from the point of interaction to settlement. No sensitive data is stored on your systems.



Get Paid Faster

Our authorization process means faster settlement times, transferring money from customers to merchants more efficiently.

Reduce Fraud

CenPOS provides solutions that compares out-of-wallet information to the data provided by the consumer to reduce the risk of loss.  Address Verification and Card Verification Codes matching improve confidence that information provided is genuine.  Transaction threshold and velocity systems mitigate against fraudster attempts to match counterfeit data with authorization attempts.  ReCapcha reduces a fraudster’s ability to use bots in attacking your business.