Equipment rental companies require customized payment solutions, because their transactions are unique. With more card-present purchases and high average invoices, they need merchant payment solutions that are quick and easy to use while also ensuring low fees. In today’s world, equipment rental companies also conduct business online, requiring secure e-commerce solutions for reservations and checkout. CenPOS delivers equipment rental companies a payment processing solution that reduces acceptance costs and drives higher approval rates for increased sales across mobile, in-person, and call center channels.

Streamline payment processing and generate added revenue with a comprehensive suite of features configured around your specific needs.

Express Mobile Checkout

Speed the buying process by allowing customers to receive and pay invoices on mobile devices, over text, and by email.

Mobile Service

Meet customers’ purchasing needs with an Apple-like experience that allows you to engage with them wherever and whenever it best suits their needs.

Accept Chip-Cards

Promote the consumer use of chip cards (EMV) to move counterfeit liability away from your equipment rental company and place the fraud burden squarely on the financial institution.

Validate E-Commerce Customers

CenPOS instantly validates customers who are purchasing offsite, reducing the risk of chargebacks and decreasing the cost of acceptance.

Interchange Management

Transactions are intelligently routed to lower cost of acceptance. Additionally, CenPOS qualifies card-not-present, business, corporate, and purchasing cards. Check card transactions convert to PIN debit transactions whenever there is a cost savings to do so, minimizing processing fees and exposure to chargebacks and fraud.

Process Quickly and Securely

Military-grade encryption secures sales data from the point of interaction to settlement. Sensitive data is never stored on your systems.

Collect Signatures Electronically for Paperless Storage

CenPOS securely captures and stores signature and payment data indefinitely for easy retrieval. Recall to print or email at your leisure. Filing paper copies becomes a thing of the past.

Report Reconciliation in Minutes

CenPOS report reconciliation transforms the process from days to minutes. Automatically combine batch reports, bank deposits, and merchant processor reports for your month-end accounting.

Stand-Alone or Integrated

CenPOS Enterprise operates across all departments and customer channels, whether as a separate solution or integrated into the most popular applications.