It’s a new world, and this is true for every professional organization, including educational institutions, law firms, and telecom providers. These professions need to offer multiple payment solutions, because payment convenience is necessary in today’s age.

With CenPOS Enterprise Solutions, all professions can accept payments of all types while reducing liability and fraud. This is vital to keep customers and clients satisfied. You aren’t in the business of financial security—but we are. Let CenPOS focus on security and payment processing, so you can get on with your valuable work.

1. Education

Schools, colleges, and universities need to accept payments online, over the phone, or at the point of sale—because it’s not just tuition anymore. There are alumni donations, bookstore purchases, dining hall accounts, and many other transactions across all departments that need to be effectively managed and tracked. CenPOS education solutions make payment processing easy, while minimizing PCI burden and providing excellent financial reporting.

2. Law Firms

The legal process is an integral part of our democracy, and CenPOS recognizes the importance of this profession. Our solutions for law firms enable them to receive payments in a timely, efficient manner with our EBPP and Web payment solutions, using our rules-based engine to optimize interchange rates. Plus, client confidentiality is always safeguarded with our encrypted solutions.

3. Telecomm Providers

You have a lot of clients—and a lot of payments to process. Thankfully, our recurring billing platform and tokenization help telecom providers make payments easier and more convenient for consumers. And safer, because CenPOS solutions protect against data breaches.