CenPOS retail solutions offers a wide range of products and services to accommodate all of your processing needs. Our rules based engine eliminates cashier errors making payment acceptance more efficient and cost effective.

Built with efficiency in mind, our retail solutions are secure, simple, and easy to use. The CenPOS Virtual Terminal supports the following transaction types:
  • Sale
  • Repeat Sale (Tokenization)
  • Authorization
  • Force
  • Return
  • Void
  • Check Processing
  • Gift Card Processing
In using the CenPOS Virtual Terminal you will experience:
  • Interchange optimization
  • Increased debit conversion
  • Real-time discounting
  • Reduced fraud
  • Chargeback mitigation
  • Streamlined end of day reporting
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Electronic storage and retrieval

Creating Efficiencies Through Payment Innovation.