Enhance your customer experience, gain greater control and drive higher profitability by streamlining payment acceptance

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Running a dealership is not like any other business, so why are you accepting payments like the business next door?

As an intelligent payments engine, CenPOS supports more than 1,200 dealerships nationwide. CenPOS Dealer Solutions reduce previously uncontrollable expenses and liabilities, increase efficiency by streamlining the payment and reconciliation processes, and decrease accounts receivable aging.

The CenPOS team understands the needs of dealerships, from the buy-here-pay-here independent to the large franchise group. We develop solutions specifically to optimize your resources, rather than adopting a “one-size-fits” all generic solution philosophy.

Independent dealers to large multi-brand, multi-location dealership groups.
We tailor payment acceptance services to meet your needs.

  • Collect signatures electronically for paperless storage
    Electronically capture signatures for payments or work orders at the point of service. CenPOS securely stores signature and payment data indefinitely for easy retrieval. Reprint at your location or send via email with just a few clicks. Never search for a paper copy again.
  • Immediate visibilty to all levels of your organization
    View and compare multiple employees, departments, and locations via our real-time data analytics dashboard. Target your marketing spend and discover new growth opportunities by learning how your customers pay, where they are, and the efficiencies CenPOS has created for you.
  • Report reconciliation in minutes
    How much time does your account staff spend reconciling bank deposits, credit card batch reports, merchant processor reports, and transaction details? CenPOS report reconciliation is designed to take this process from days to minutes. Automatically combine batch reports, merchant processor reports and your bank deposits to give your accounting staff what they need to complete month end.
  • Vault customer data for easy and flexible customer billing
    Securely store payment data for safe, simple recurring billing for frequent customers or those who do not visit your location in person. Create and electronically store authorization forms, credit card and ACH payment details in a fully compliant and secure manner. This reduces labor and storage costs associated with managing and manually entering transactions.
  • SmartRate selector
    Every transaction is intelligently routed to reduce your cost of acceptance. Properly qualify card-not-present, business, corporate, and purchasing cards, which can make up a bulk of fleet service and parts sales. Automatic PIN prompting converts check card transactions to PIN debit whenever it saves you money. This minimizes processing fees and exposure to chargebacks and fraud.
  • Express mobile checkout increases sales and service
    Allow Advisors to be more hands-on with customers, seamlessly integrate the payment process and increase add-on sales. Customers can complete transactions without ever leaving the comfort of their car – on your mobile device or theirs. Improve your Dealer Service Rating by eliminating the line for a cashier.
  • Invoice electronically and get paid faster
    Significantly reduces the traditional costs associated with paper invoicing. Improve cash flow through a faster and more efficient collection process that allows your customer to pay invoices and orders immediately. Eliminate the need for paper-based storage and retrieval of invoices and payments.

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Creating Efficiencies Through Payment Innovation.