Supercharge your receivables cycle, lower payment acceptance costs and boost efficiency while reducing PCI scope

Payment processing requirements for business-to-business merchants are constantly changing, you need a partner who controls expenses, mitigates risk and navigates the complexities of billing and receivables. A partner that keeps you informed and educated on industry updates. One that focuses on your goals and enhances your customer experience.

Managing receivables is crucial to the profitability of any business. To maximize cash flow, you need to improve the payment collection process. CenPOS can help.

We understand the challenges facing B2B merchants today. CenPOS provides the tools to get you paid faster, centralize your payment solutions, reduce collection activities, and lower your payment processing costs. As a PCI level 1 certified provider, you can trust that your transactions are safe and your data is secure.

  • Tokenize customer data for easy and flexible customer billing
    CenPOS converts your payment data into a secure token that is stored in your ERP for safe, simple recurring billing for repeat customers. Tokenization ensures sensitive card data is neither transmitted nor stored within your systems. Create electronic authorization forms in a fully compliant and secure manner, which reduces your PCI burden.
  • Customize fraud parameters
    Real-time AVS and CVV verification settings empower your business to determine your comfort level for risk, rather than relying on an individual user or manual process. If an address or card verification value does not match the information on file with the issuing bank, CenPOS will automatically approve or decline the transaction based on your pre-set parameters.
  • Reduce payment processing costs with SmartRate Selector
    Every transaction is intelligently routed to reduce your cost of acceptance and your ERP automatically supplies additional information needed for interchange optimization. Properly qualify card-not-present transactions and business, corporate, and purchasing cards to save up to one-third in interchange fees. CenPOS direct integration with your ERP reduces costs that were once considered unmanageable.
  • Invoice electronically and get paid faster
    Significantly reduces the traditional costs associated with paper invoicing. Improve cash flow through a faster and more efficient collection process that allows your customer to pay invoices and orders immediately. Eliminate the need for paper-based storage and retrieval of invoices and payments.
  • Multi-Channel payment acceptance and experience
    CenPOS allows data exchange through all channels – whether it is eCommerce, mail order/telephone order, retail, mobile or AR billing. This gives you a centralized solution that provides your customers with a consistent experience. Reconciliation is improved across the enterprise with consolidated hierarchal reporting and high-level data analytics previously only available to Fortune 100 companies.
  • Multiple payment types and transactions
    Accept all major payment types – credit, PIN debit, ACH and check. CenPOS allows you to support many transaction types – sales, authorizations, returns, voids, credits, force, reversals, and more.
  • Immediate visibility to all levels of your organization
    View and compare multiple employees, departments, and locations via our real-time data analytics dashboard. Target your marketing spend and discover new growth opportunities by learning how your customers pay, where they are, and the efficiencies CenPOS has created for you.

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