According to the Ponemon Institute, the average data security breach costs $154 per record for the more than 169 million records stolen in 2015. Protection of sensitive cardholder data has never been more important. In their latest report, the average cost of a breach exceeds $4 million.

As the EMV migration continues, astute organizations are realizing that EMV is not the security “silver bullet” that will eliminate all their problems. It’s just one piece of a layered approach to fraud prevention. Merchants manage their electronic payment services through a balanced and consistent strategy that relies on best-in-class fraud detection solutions and industry expertise.

CenPOS data security solutions reduce your PCI scope and the manpower requirements needed to protect your business from unauthorized access. CenPOS is how you prevent fraud without preventing sales.

validated p2p encryption

validated-p2p-encryption-icon.pngVALIDATED P2P ENCRYPTION

Protect Customer Data - and Your Reputation 

CenPos Validated P2PE encrypts cardholder data—and guarantees the strongest encryption—so businesses can focus on what they do best. Simplify PCI DSS compliance and stop worrying about data being stolen between your store and the bank. CenPOS Validated P2PE prevents clear-text transmission of data traversing your network and enterprise systems, reducing the risk of data loss and scope of PCI compliance. Manage the P2PE solution yourself or leave it to CenPOS. Either way, you protect data with a security solution validated by the PCI Security Council.

express-checkout-icon.pngEXPRESS CHECKOUT

Save Time with Real-Time Processing

Sometimes businesses have no choice but to hand-key transactions, whether due to card reader failures, phone orders, or other circumstances. This creates a serious payment processing vulnerability. CenPOS Express Checkout pushes your final invoice to a consumer’s mobile phone and/or email, allowing them to quickly complete the transaction on their device. This eliminates the risk of human error associated with staff hand-keying transactions. Additionally, these transactions are processed in real time and the order completion information is updated on your system.



encrypted-virtual-keypads-iconpng.pngENCRYPTED VIRTUAL KEYPADS

Protect Data in Transit

Businesses that process hand-keyed transactions on their systems can expose themselves to malware vulnerabilities that exploit clear-text data entry between the keyboard and computer.

CenPOS Encrypted Virtual Keypads reduce this risk by providing an encrypted solution for entering data to protect sensitive transmission of cardholder data.

credit-card-tokenization-icon.pngCREDIT CARD TOKENIZATION

Transform Data from Sensitive to SAFE

CenPOS SAFE credit card tokenization replaces sensitive cardholder data with a surrogate alpha-numeric value. This converted information is stored safely within the merchant’s system to facilitate a positive consumer experience for returns, voids, future authorizations, recurring billing, and other interactions. With CenPos, these can all be electronically processed without requesting the cardholder’s information.

By replacing stored card information with CenPOS SAFE Tokens, merchant systems such as databases and log files are removed from PCI scope, further reducing data security audit requirements.