BuyerQuest works with CenPOS Enterprise to deliver a completely seamless and secure payment solution that mitigates fraud and increases profit. The CenPOS-BuyerQuest integration works with any bank, vendor, or partner—so you have zero disruption of banking relationships you worked to build.

Payment is secure because sensitive data is never stored within your systems. CenPOS tokenizes customer data, converting customer payment information into a secure token stored in the BuyerQuest Marketplace. And real-time Consumer Authentication, AVS- and CVV-verification give you full control of risk mitigation. CenPOS and BuyerQuest will accept or decline charges based on the parameters you set.


  • Accept all tender types, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, P-Cards, ACH, E-check, and alternative payments.
  • Access via multiple-channel delivery, such as 24/7 online portal, email, and electronic consumer/franchisee wallet.
  • Enjoy 100% supplier funding that’s free to franchisee/sponsoring organization.
  • Manage transaction and interchanges to ensure transactions qualify for best rate.
  • Streamline reconciliation of all transactions with online real-time transaction matching.
  • Authenticate online consumers to shift chargeback risk to the card issuer, decrease costs, and increase approval rates.
  • Reduce the cost of acceptance with dynamic transaction routing.
  • Lower cost per transaction with CenPOS automatic behind-the-scenes partial authorization.
  • Maintain existing banking relationships.