Texting can be a secure communication channel to delight your customers, obtain faster work approvals, swap photos, and ensure follow up. Designed specifically for car dealerships and their staff, this cloud-based texting solution works with mobile, tablet, or desktop access. Best of all, CenPOS txt. is certified and TCPA-compliant, connecting seamlessly to DMS systems, which ensures that dealers get written consent prior to texting a client. Conduct business easily and securely—at your fingertips.


  • Increase your CSI by sending appointment reminders to customers and engaging consumers in a way that is most conducive to their needs.
  • Reduce phone calls with automated welcome and custom landing pages.
  • Save time by using picture and video capabilities to explain car features.
  • Reduce work authorization time.
  • Eliminate authorization disputes as all communications are logged.
  • Enable online payment to increase staff productivity and speed customer vehicle retrieval.
  • Reduce loaner car expense.
  • Stay in contact with customers via automated follow-up messages and appointment reminders.