CenPOS delivers the most secure and seamless cloud-based omni-channel payment solutions in the marketplace. Like every CenPOS solution, yours will be customized around your individual needs - to streamline acceptance across all payment channels; provide a better customer experience; generate maximum revenue while reducing losses due to fraud and human error; and improve your businesses profitability.

Fully integrated with Infor Distribution ERP’s, CenPOS delivers the end-to-end payment capabilities in today’s fast-track age of commerce demands. Let us tailor a solution for you that operates in complete concert with your current banking relationships and powers profitable growth with reliable performance, transaction after transaction.

INFOR Distribution

Agility for Today’s Distribution Industry

Modern wholesale distributors need to operate with speed and efficiency. With Infor Distribution, CenPOS Enterprise provides unparalleled control over orders and payments, helping distributors operate more profitably than ever before.

The worldwide partnership between CenPOS and Infor lets wholesale customers manage everything from order entry to inventory management—in an innovative and intuitive cloud-based solution designed specifically for the distribution industry. Plus Infor Distribution is secure. Operate more profitably by saving time with Infor Distribution’s features:

  • Recurring billing
  • One-time sales on the web and within call centers
  • Chip-card (EMV) and Mobile Payment acceptance
  • Unmatched Security - Ensure that sensitive information is never transmitted or stored within your system to protect against costly data security breaches.
  • Mitigate Fraud - Take advantage of Consumer Authentication to shift fraudulent card liability to the card issuing bank. Reduce the cost of acceptance on consumer initiated transactions. Take control of risk parameters using real-time address (AVS) and card (CVV) verification to automatically accept or decline charges based upon your comfort level.
  • Zero Disruption of Banking Relationships - CenPOS is an agnostic payment engine that works with any bank, vendor or partner.
  • Tokenize Customer Data - This allows for easy and flexible customer billing, as CenPOS converts payment data into a secure token for safe and convenient recurring billing of regular customers.
  • Reduce Your Cost of Acceptance - Every transaction is intelligently routed for maximum time and cost efficiency. Save up to one third in interchange fees and manage those previously unmanageable costs.
  • Lower Your Cost Per Transaction - CenPOS works behind the scenes to improve the customer experience while lowering processing costs by performing a partial authorization release at the time of settlement, ensuring a properly qualified transaction.


  • Infor SXe v6.1.090 or higher
  • Infor A+ 10.0.0 or higher
  • Infor FACTS 9.0.0 or higher
  • Infor Distribution Solutions
  • Infor Distribution SX.e
  • Infor A +
  • Infor FACTS
  • Infor ISM
  • Infor Styleline
  • Infor Cloudsuite Industrial
  • Infor M3
  • Infor Storefront
  • Infor Rhythm

INFOR Rhythm e-Commerce Payment Processing

A Pattern for Success 

Infor Rhythm™ is a cloud-hosted, state-of-the-art B2B engagement platform for e-Commerce payments. Integrating world-class design with out-of-the-box back office and inventory management, Infor Rhythm™ helps businesses take customer data to the next level—translating online interactions into increased sales. Infor Rhythm™ also comes in an integrated package that includes design services, ERP integration, and advanced web design.

CenPOS Enterprise e-Commerce merchant services integrate interchange and transaction management to reduce the cost of acceptance. Validated data security solutions and consumer validation reduce IT and financial risk, allowing businesses to focus on their own ventures.