IntegraSoft delivers industry-specific solutions tailored to your business needs. Our bundled product editions maximize returns on your investment. integraSoft ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications manage multiple business needs, including technology, information services, and human resources.

CenPOS for integraSuite optimizes the sales cycle while delivering a comprehensive suite of payment options designed to reduce acceptance costs. Using sophisticated transaction and interchange management systems and enhanced data (level III), CenPOS processes chip cards (EMV), face-to-face, and consumer-not-present transactions at their best possible rates.

Advanced data security solutions encrypt data in-flight and replace sensitive cardholder data with surrogate numbers, called tokens, to protect data at rest.


  • Accept chip-card (EMV) and swipe face-to-face payments while capturing electronic signatures.
  • Authenticate online consumers to shift chargeback risk to the card issuer, decrease costs, and increase approval rates.
  • Push final invoices to customer mobile devices to expedite electronic payments.
  • Process enhanced data (level III) to reduce interchange rates and provide value to customer purchasing departments.
  • Gain access to enterprise and transaction-level business intelligence.
  • Connect all sales across all channels to easily reconcile accounts and control cash, check, and card payments.
  • Maintain existing banking relationships.