Merchant credit card statements are quite complex, as the billing of transactions is governed by more than 700 interchange categories and thousands of rules.  Failure to send the correct data, properly format transactions, and follow an ever-changing set of rules results in higher expenses, referred to as downgrades.  Because Interchange cannot be negotiated, most business leaders think that the expense cannot be managed.  This is typically true, unless they add intelligence to the process.  No amount of cashier training can improve the management of electronic transaction information.  It must be done by a system like CenPOS, where our patented interchange and transaction management system micro-manages the details of every transaction to ensure compliance.  Compliant transactions cost less and avoid unnecessary losses due to chargebacks by properly reversing excess authorizations, obtaining incremental authorizations, and properly settling backordered and delayed shipments among other things.

You owe it to yourself to see how CenPOS helps you improve profitability for each and every payment transaction.