As the popularity of credit and debit cards has continued to increase with consumers all over the world, the type of locations where these methods of payments are now accepted continues to also increase. CenPOS recognizes that many different type of non-traditional organizations are now accepting credit and debit cards and the company has designed a variety of systems and services specifically designed to meet the individual requirements of these new markets.

CenPOS is currently active providing solutions to the following market segments:


Our solutions for schools will help them accept payments online, over the phone, or at the point of sale, while minimizing PCI burden and providing excellent financial reporting.

Law Firms

Our solutions for law firms enable them to receive payments in a timely, efficient manner with our EBPP and Web payment solutions, using our rules-based engine to optimize interchange rates.

Telecomm Providers

Our recurring billing platform and tokenization can help telecom providers make payments easier and more convenient for consumers

Creating Efficiencies Through Payment Innovation.